Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vacation, all I ever wanted....

Just got back from our Pacific Northwest trip and it was fabulous. Pictures to come. Between the 2 guys, over 2300 pictures were taken. There were probably about 500 of me, looking dorky as usual. Something about those teenage boys who like to take goofy pictures of Mom....I have plenty of goofy faces, so there was no lack of a subject. And, I guess it is better he take pictures of me, rather than of all the hoochie mommas we saw on our journey.

I have to say that it is great to go away, but great in a different way to come home. Especially to a country that offers free refills on pop. I drink a ton of DC (British Columbia speak for Diet Coke, kinda cute, don't ya think?) and it is difficult for me to ration one pop for an entire meal. Oh, the troubles of my life, right?

The Big Momma's are unique vacation travellers. We tend to go to urban spots, park our car (if we even have one) and walk. It was nice to be in 2 cities (Seattle and Vancouver) that allow for such easy pedestrian travel. I wish Cbus was better in this way. It was also nice to be in cities that have hills and water, something that we definitely lack in this part of the country. The weather was great in both cities, the temperature never exceeded 80 degrees F. In Vancouver, they had record highs of 78 degrees F. The locals complained that it was too hot. Mind you, there is very little humidity. These people would melt in Cbus! I don't think that a drop of sweat was formed on my body the entire time. What lucky fools they are, eh?

I spoke with several friends tonight and was asked, "What was my favorite part of the trip?" Mt. Rainier was definitely a highlight. It is amazing to be in such a beautiful place, where there is still snow on the ground, even though the temperatures were around 55 degrees F. Kayaking came in as a close second. I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I did. Because Vancouver is the host of the 2010 Olympics, we were able to see much of the construction, including the Olympic Village. I wish we could go back for the Olympics, but we probably won't. Vancouver is expensive enough now...can you even imagine the cost of things during the Olympics?

Well, I'm going to sign off for now. More details to come. I think I'm going to run to Tim Hortons, throw back a few donuts and maybe drink a few Molson XXX.....go to sleep you hosers!

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Dave said...

We are similar. Car bad, bus good. In fact, we've been to Victoria twice and found the best tourguide to be a very chatty and knowledgeable (sp?) bus driver. It was awesome, both times.

We also have this bizarre custom of always going to a local supermarket as some sort of anthropological quest of the culture.

Post pics!