Thursday, September 27, 2007

Recycled trivia

Being an environmentally minded person (and a bit lazy and tired from the week), I have decided to recycle last Friday's trivia post. I picked another line from the same movie. It is actually my favorite line, but I didn't post it last week because I thought it was too easy. Have at it.

"A fat lady barfed in her purse. The Donnelley twins barfed on each other, and the Women's Auxiliary barfed all over the Benevolent Order of Antelopes."

Happy Friday everyone and Go Bucks!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Humpty Dance is your chance to do the hump...

Whatever that means? Perhaps a sexual reference? I am a bit naive when it comes to these things. There was a song a few years ago...went a little something like this..."baby when we're grinding, I get so excited....Step back you're dancing kinda close I feel a little poke coming through...On you." It was an R&Bish song. Remember it? I had no idea it was about sex. I was shocked when I realized what the poke was. Whenever I hear the Frankie Goes to Hollywood Song ("Relax, don't do it.") I am shocked that I knew and sang the words to this song as a young girl and I had ABSOLUTELY no clue what it was about. I'm sure my parents didn't get it either because they never would have let me listen to it. Although I did find a copy of the single "When I Think About You/I Touch Myself" by The Divinyls in my mom's glove box once when I borrowed her car when I was in college. I guess divorce will do that to you. My male friend B was in the car with me when I found it. His crush on my mom deepened and I'm sure that there was some "poking" going on. Not that I saw it. I was driving, remember? He so wanted my mom to be his cougar.

So, why the title? Today is hump day. Only two more days until Friday! I am looking at another weekend catching up on work, but at least I can work on the couch with my pajamas on. Enjoy the rest of the week folks!