Thursday, August 23, 2007

Friday trivia on Thursday

I decided to post the Friday trivia question today. I've got to be in Indy tonight and tomorrow for work and I'm not sure when I'll have time to post again. So here goes...

This quote is from one of my favorite movies, drama category. The characters in this movie have jobs that I fantasize about...not for me to do, but for my husband. I have always told Chris that he should become one. Way more exciting than being an architect, at least from what I can tell! Not to mention the perks! One other thing I'd like to mention about this movie and probably one of the reason I like it so much: The f-bomb is dropped over 300 times. Impressive!

Have at it....

"Anything I wanted was a phone call away. Free cars. The keys to a dozen hideout flats all over the city. I bet twenty, thirty grand over a weekend and then I'd either blow the winnings in a week or go to the sharks to pay back the bookies. Didn't matter. It didn't mean anything. When I was broke, I'd go out and rob some more. We ran everything. We paid off cops. We paid off lawyers. We paid off judges. Everybody had their hands out. Everything was for the taking. And now it's all over."

I'm not sure if this is too easy or it seems that way because I have seen this movie a million times. Again, if this is a no brainer for you, just post up another quote from the movie. This way we can give those who don't know a hint and not spoil it for them! No cheaters, please. Didn't your mother tell you that cheaters never win?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Smokin' in the boys room....NOT

Just wanted to give a smoking update....I am still smoke free. I even drank a few beers on Friday! Alcohol is a huge trigger for me. Look at me go!

I have another acupuncture treatment on Thursday morning. I promise to get pictures then. Last Friday, I brought my camera but couldn't take a picture because the battery was dead. Interestingly, when the nurse came in to take out my pins, she could only find 14 of the 15 that were put in. We were sure that Dr. D. had miscalculated. I got off the table and bent down to grab my purse. I was shocked to find the missing pin on the ground in front of me. Shit, that was probably the magic pin. The pin that would have made me gag with the mere thought of a cig. The pin that would have made me forget how enjoyable smoking is. The pin that would allow me to quit smoking, lose weight and be a better person.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Not quite the mile high club....

Here is something I have been thinking about, sadly, since my flight back from the Sunshine State two weeks ago. If you had to drop a deuce/#2/you get the idea, while on an airplane, would you go for it or hold it until you landed?