Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't believe the hype

Actually, my homies from Public Enemy have it all wrong. Believe the hype. Walk, no RUN to the closest movie theatre. The new Batman movie is wicked awesome. And what they are saying about Heath Ledger is true!
If you are in Columbus, you should definately see this movie at Studio 35. Not only will you be able to scratch off your good deed ov the day by visiting a local business, they have the coldest and best beers in town.


Anonymous said...

We went on Monday. I think they have a new sound system too.
One L

Anonymous said...

Movie was money. They have had the new sounds system in for years now. Still smells like moldy butt in there but what ya gonna do.


Dave said...

Studio 35 is my favorite place in all of Columbus since I got here in 2000. Beer (good beer), pizza, movie all in one place. Does not get better.