Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

I made this suggestion to my sister earlier today as a good title for her blog post for the day. Unfortunately she is too young to remember this most excellent Tom Petty song. I heart TP. He is great to see live, so if you ever get a change, GO!

Truly the hardest part of the day was the waiting. Well, maybe staying awake was, at least for certain members of my family....Get some food into the bellies of the over 5o crowd and watch out. Oh, the head bobbing and jerking themselves into an awake state. So fun to watch. I should have brought my camera with me. Would have made for some interesting posts! I do think that my threats of bowls of warm water, bra freezing and Sharpie markers kept some of them awake...ah, fear is a powerful thing!

On to the news: Transplant was a success. Both donor and recipient are doing well. Drugged beyond belief and doing well. The kidney began working right away, which is outstanding news. The kidney from the last transplant didn't work for a few days and it was miserable waiting. We all practically skipped out of the hospital! The next few days will be tough as pain increases and pain meds decrease. But, this will be good because it will get both of them out of the hospital asap. No pain, no gain, right? Right!

So tonight, raise your glasses and toast the beginning of a new life!! A life of health, hope and inspiration. I plan on spreading the wealth myself!


glamah16 said...

I'm glad all went well. :-)

Cheezer said...

I'm thinking Neil should consider Jan. 8 his new birthday.

This is such wonderful news.

Dave said...

So glad to hear. Hope things continue to go well.