Thursday, October 25, 2007

Friday trivia, yo.

Am I the only one who thinks that the world series is going gay? And no, I'm not just bitter because Cleveland is out. Mr. Big Momma and I are watching game 2 right now. A few innings ago as a batter stepped up to the plate, they had a graphic below him stating that he likes The Dave Matthews Band and The Barenaked Ladies. Like I care. Does he also like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain? A few minutes ago they had showed side by side pictures of two players with goatees and asked "Who has the better goatee?" Again, who cares? This is baseball. A sport where there is supposedly no crying. A sport where spitting is ok. Can we man it up a little guys, please!

Anyway, back to Friday trivia. I am going to present Friday trivia in the form of a conversation. This was an actual conversation that took place between me and Mr. Big Momma on Sunday.

Imagine CBM on the couch watching TV. A Chevy Malibu commercial comes on....

CBM: "Can you believe that a Chevy Malibu costs $19,900??? Holy crap."
Mr. CBM: "I would never buy a car that I could get dissed in. "
CBM: "I totally agree with you honey."
CBM and Mr. CBM singing in unison: "Joe lies.... "

Name that movie. Monique, you are not allow to post the answer. You must post another line from the movie. There are many tasty ones to pick from. This should be an easy one for you.


Tricia said...

Um, Is that "Say Anything?" I don't remember much of those lines, I like the stuff about sitting around at the Gas-n-Sip out of "choice, man, conscious choice" Maybe I would be a bad trivia question maker for that very reason--I always go to the obvious, don't I? Much love to my home-girl!

Anonymous said...

Correct-o-mundo. It is not easy to be a trivia maker, trust me.

Have a great weekend in the big city!!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean I can get a chain saw?

Anonymous said... whatever you want. But, if you cut off your limbs you are on your own.


Anonymous said...

OKAY!!! It took me all day to get the quote and I was right!!! Lily Taylor just popped into my head!!


AWWWW - Cusack don't you know I'm you're wife?


Anonymous said...


Such passion in that song.

Sorry - still singin it in my head.

Big Momma said...

Today I remembered this line...

"I told her I loved her and she gave me a pen."

Cusack at his best!!! I love Lloyd Dobler (sp?, too lazy to look it up)!!!