Thursday, September 6, 2007

Friday Movie Trivia

I had to struggle for a quote tonight. I even had to struggle to think of a movie. Not good, especially since it was a short week. On a side note, I played tennis tonight and my poor 34 year old back is starting to ache. Has old age begun to set in? I did get to play with my new racquet and I must tell you that it is sweet. I'm hopeful that I will be able to lead the Geriatric Aces (my tennis team) to victory on Tuesday. A girl can dream, can't she?

Because I am totally ADD, I stopped thinking about the quote and started thinking about Buckeye football, which lead me to the game on Saturday and tailgating. This quote popped into my head. How could you go wrong with the words Ohio and brewski in the same quote! Without further ado, here is the movie quote of the week:

"This is Ohio. If you don't have a brewski in your hand you might as well be wearing a dress."

As always, no cheating please. Didn't your mother tell you that cheaters never win? If it is too easy, just send back another line from the movie. There are many other juicy ones to pick from. TL, if you are reading, I'm thinking of a line for you to shoot me my favorites. I didn't post it because it was way too easy.


Anonymous said...

My mother never mentioned cheating and why I should/shouldn't do it. So I had to this week. I have never even heard of that movie. If it weren't on the internet I wouldn't have beleived it existed (I beleive everything on the internet is true).


Anonymous said...

I love my dead gay son

Big Momma said...
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Big Momma said...

Matt, you should go out and rent this movie asap. A true classic. The guy who wrote this movie based it on a local Columbus HS..maybe Westerville?

Thank you anonymous. This is the best quote from this movie. You are quite the quote master!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I had to cheat and use IMDB. Great movie. One of my favorite actors - years ago when he was still hot! - Shaqanator

Big Momma said...

He was sorta hot. I always thought his head, especially his forehead, was too big. Like I have room to talk!

Lis said...

Dear sweet Jebus - one of my most favorite movies when I was a kid.. and I NEVER realized it was set in Ohio. WTF is wrong with me?

I just recently rented it again - bout a month ago - so funny.