Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big Momma: cost saving extraordinaire

We have not had AC in the Big Momma household for at least 2 years. I have never cared much as I like to have the doors and windows open in the summer. A few weeks ago, the Mister had some companies come out and take another look. You see, he is a very sweaty man and AC is just as important to him as sex. Apparently all that was needed was a new valve thingamabobby. A $400 valve thingamabobby. So like fools with money to burn, we agreed.

Today 2 guys came to replace the valve. After they left, I call Mr. Big Moma to tell him that his sweaty days and nights are over: the AC finally works! Here is the actual conversation:

BM: "Hi honey. The AC guys just left."

MBM: "Is it working?"

BM: "Well, my nipples are hard!"

MBM: "Sweet. How did you pay them?"

(This question shocked me because the 2 of us searched the entire house to find our checkbook, which seems to always be missing even though we hardly ever write check.)

BM: "With sex."

MBM: "Good girl. Always saving me money. Love you shit head."

BM: "Love you mother fucker."


Anonymous said...

It is about time!

Big Momma said...

You know how people get those wedding invitations that say "Today is the day I marry my best friend?" I should have got one that said "Today is the day I marry my pimp!"

Alison said...

I love it..sounds like a conversation that would happen in my house!!

Dave said...

I really wanted to read this outloud to my wife, but the kid wasn't asleep yet. I just sit here giggling quietly. She'll read it later.

Anonymous said...

You paid with sex? Must have gotten a 50% discount then.