Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Smokin' in the boys room....NOT

Just wanted to give a smoking update....I am still smoke free. I even drank a few beers on Friday! Alcohol is a huge trigger for me. Look at me go!

I have another acupuncture treatment on Thursday morning. I promise to get pictures then. Last Friday, I brought my camera but couldn't take a picture because the battery was dead. Interestingly, when the nurse came in to take out my pins, she could only find 14 of the 15 that were put in. We were sure that Dr. D. had miscalculated. I got off the table and bent down to grab my purse. I was shocked to find the missing pin on the ground in front of me. Shit, that was probably the magic pin. The pin that would have made me gag with the mere thought of a cig. The pin that would have made me forget how enjoyable smoking is. The pin that would allow me to quit smoking, lose weight and be a better person.


Dolores said...

Congratulations on your smoke free status! Speaking from experience, the first morning you wake up and your first thought is NOT "where is my lighter" is one of the most liberating moments you will ever experience!

Big Momma said...


Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am still no there yet...I'm wondering if I will spend the rest of my life wanting to smoke? I have been a good girl, but it has been hard!