Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pour one out for my dead homie

As if the Buckeye's loss to Illinois wasn't enough.....

I found out this morning that OSU's most famous squirrel, Whitey had been killed on Friday by an Owl on the South Oval. See the story here. Thankfully (?) a student captured the crime with their cell phone camera. Whitey was famous because he was one of very few albino squirrels. I was never lucky enough to see him on campus.

So Whitey, we miss you already.

Here is a picture of Whitey in happier times.


Anonymous said...

Poor Whitey! I didn't even know him & I'm sad :(

- CA Sista

Anonymous said...

The Cheese Hater and I are headed out for a beer to mourn this sad loss....wish you were here!!!!


Anonymous said...

According to my most current love interest, Whitey will be reincarnated... probably as a crazy Cuban.

Poor Whitey!


Tricia said...

This reminds me of the wretched Tamara "paper" written about weather that is "warm enough for a light sweater" Sorry I missed you call last night, but I'll try you tonite.

Anonymous said...

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i think love mostly sucks unless youre in it and then its just mostly trickin you.


Anonymous said...


I must say that "My Name is Earl" is one of my favorite shows and you are fabulous in it. I know that the writers strike sucks, but you really should try and find a hobby. Or a psychiatrist.