Thursday, November 1, 2007

Friday Trivia

Well, I had the perfect post worked out on my way home from a work happy hour, but it is now lost. When will I learn to carry a pad of paper with me? Probably never.

I decided before happy hour that when I got home, I would not pick up work. Yeah! Tomorrow is Friday and I've got an office day scheduled. Work can wait until then. Mr. Big Momma is out with his boss, so I've got the pad to myself. Perfect opportunity to catch up with some friends and with writing. I had a nice chat with my sister and then with another friend, who I won't name here. She has been going through some shitty shit and found a backstabbing friend topping her shit heap. I'm going to leave out the details so that I can get to my point and to Friday Trivia. Why do so called friends persecute one another? Even outside of being friends, why does one person feel the need to make another miserable? I often wonder this about Mr. Big Momma's ex-wife. They split up years ago, long before I entered the picture. After all of the years that have passed, she still takes every opportunity to try and make his life miserable. You think I would be used to it, but I'm not. But, an ex is an ex for a reason and the dynamic between the two is often hostile. If it wasn't then they probably wouldn't be exes. But why does the dynamic between two supposed friends have to be hostile? No one is holding a gun to your head, forcing you to be friends. I think all of us can look back on their lives and count dozens of people that they are no longer friends with. It just happens. It is even more interesting to think that when two lovers don't feel the love anymore, they break up. Granted, they probably tortured one another for some time, prior to the break up. But, eventually, they broke up and moved on. Why does friendship have to be any different? When two friends go in different directions or have different ideas about how to treat one another, they should just break up and move on instead of sticking around and making each other miserable. Whew, I feel so much better now, thank you very much. I'm guessing this friendship dilemma is exclusive to us XXs and not to the XYs. It would be so much easier to be a guy: less drama, no leg shaving, no PMS and they get better looking with age. Damn!
So on to Friday trivia. I've posted this in spirit of the upcoming weekend. Mr. Big Momma and I are going to a furniture sale in Cinci on Saturday and then having dinner with the family. I am so excited for both. Not much makes me feel as good as furniture shopping, even if we don't buy anything. Mr. Big Momma, I'll make you a deal. Buy me one of these

and you can buy one of these

But then you might turn into this

Oh, behave! It is bad enough you chase me around with the leaf blower. Chasing me with a chainsaw???? Forget about it.

Totally not worth the chair.

Wow, a night free of work and look what you get! So, Friday trivia, in honor of a fun weekend.....

"We're all gonna have so much fucking fun we'll need plastic surgery to remove our Goddamn smiles! You'll be whistling Zip-a-dee-doo-da out of your assholes! I've got to be crazy!"

Can you guess the movie?


Anonymous said...

Did the F bomb really get dropped in that movie? This is the first week I knew the answer without looking it up! Some of my favorites.

"They're all wet... Oh God!... The dog wet on the picnic basket."

"You want me to strap her to the hood? She'll be fine. It's not as if it's going to rain or something."

Sad, but I think this could have potentially been our family on a trip to Florida in the Honda hatch back with Grandma!

Anonymous said...

Still a classic movie. Who played the security guard? Hint: he's dead now.

Anonymous said...

Friends - only the great ones blog about their friends' issues. You are one of the greats.

You know who. :-)

Anonymous said...

One of my all time favorite movies "Vacation".

It was our family on the trip to Florida with Grandma. The Honda took off with the door open and left Grandma standing on the sidewalk at McDonalds!!!

Happy Friday!!!!!

Big Momma said...

Yes, the F bomb was dropped. It was the 80's, so it was perfectly acceptable.

Another one of my favorite lines: "I don't know why they call this stuff hamburger helper. It does just fine by itself." Gotta love Cousin Eddy!

Totally forgot about our Florida trip and how we almost drove away w/o Grandma. Ha! Maybe that is why she stopped talking to us?

Security guard was John Candy, right?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was John!!

April said...

I'm going through the same thing w/ an evil Ex! Glad to know it will NEVER get any easier... I typically look for the silver lining - but that has always left me deeply disapointed in people and in life. Maybe a good dose of reality is just what the Dr. (or shall I say Big Momma) ordered. Miss you!
Your Cali Counterpart

Anonymous said...

Miss you too Cali!

I've learned to have low expectations, then you are never disappointed!