Saturday, August 4, 2007


My husband is turning 40 in a few weeks. Because this is the big 4-0, I wanted to make sure I had a gift for him that was suitable for this monumental birthday. My husband is very hard to buy for, not because I don't know what he wants, but because everything he wants is out of my price range. So, I decide to splurge and buy him the camera he has been drooling over for months. I went to all of the local camera shops to see where I could get the best deal. I spent hours searching on the internet as well. I finally decided that I would purchase a camera off the internet. They were willing to offer me a great price and I wouldn't have to pay sales tax.

The camera arrived yesterday. I decided to give it to my husband early, in the event that it wasn't exactly what he wanted. The company that I bought it from USAPHOTONATION has a ten day return policy, from the day received. When the camera arrived, my photo savy hubby was able to tell that it was a reconditioned camera. I was told that the camera I was buying was new. We called Canon and confirmed that this company was NOT an authorized dealer. I was also told when I bought the camera that the extended warranty I purchased would be issued by Canon. Of course the one we received was from another company. A company that is not supported by Canon.

Yikes! How could I have been so stupid? Before I made my decision to buy from this company, I read the reviews online and most were very positive. Last night my angry typing lead me to another website, the website I wish I had found before purchasing this camera. There were at least 50 others who had experienced the same thing as I had. Their stories scared me even more because many of these people have returned their fakes and have not been issued a credit yet.

So of course, now I am worried that they will not accept my return, that I will be stuck with this crappy camera, that I will be out $1500 and that they will sell my credit card number and I will be a victim of identity theft for the rest of my life.

Luckily, we always use our American Express card to make large purchases. So, I called them last night and filed a complaint. They have held the charge from our account, at least until this is settled. I will call the BBB and the FTC on Monday, adding my complaint to an already long list of complaints that exist for this vendor. I am swearing off internet purchases. FOREVER. But beware USAphotonation, I'm coming to get ya.

I'm wondering if anyone else has been through a situation like this? What did you do to resolve it? What was the outcome?

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