Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Orlando in the house!

Well, day two of my Orlando trip. It is a work related trip, but I am having an absolute blast. Have you ever been lucky enough to have people around you that get you? And I'm not talking about your day to day friends? I mean co-works, a company as a whole! I am a lucky girl to be involved with a publishing giant. It is truly a great thing when you are around people that inspire you to do more. People that inspire you to challenge the system. People that have your back, no matter what. I am the king (queen, rather) of the world!!! Thanks, Leo.

The resort that I am staying at has an award winning pastry chef. I am hopeful that I will get to try one of his creations. If I do, I'll be sure to post a picture. Wish me luck!

Just so you Columbus folk know, it is hotter than hell her (yes, not a typo, I mean 'her' borrowing from Nelly) in Orlando. The weather here makes Columbus look like a cool weather town. We hit 105 degrees F today. Very thankful that my day was full of indoor, airconditioned meeting!!! Hope you are all staying cool back home!!


donatelife said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. I am disappointed you and Ryan will not be creating any skits. Oh well, maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is "hot" and well there. Enjoy yourself! Glad to hear you are surrounded by good people who appreciate good people!

Jannie Baby

Anonymous said...

What awards are there for pastry chefs? Is there a big show with a red carpet? Do they wear the big hat with their tuxes?


Big Momma said...

Donate life-the skits will come in January. I am doing my best to incorporate a song using my theme song (Baby's Got Back), somehow finding a way to make it about publishing. I'll keep you posted. The outcome is guaranteed to be interesting.

Thanks for the comments JB. Love ya!

Matt-here is some more info on the award winning pastry chef. I still have yet to find him or his work. Or his big hat, for that matter. As a baker, I am not impressed with the desserts I have indulged in. Totally not worth the calories!

A native of France, Branlard is a highly accomplished pastry chef who holds the distinction as a member of the 2002 Team USA World Pastry Championship Team, where they won the title in an intense competition against 12 nations, and a member of a team of three chefs who took the gold medal in the 2001 National Pastry Championship, comprised of 36 of the best pastry chefs in America.

His outstanding creations have been featured on the Food Network and the CBS Early Show. He was trained in his craft in France and is certified as a Pastry Chef; Chocolate-Maker, Ice-Cream Maker and Confectioner. He holds a CAP degree from a French Culinary Institute in Vincennes. Laurent has distinguished himself with fascinating sugar showpieces, resulting in intricate designs and awe-inspiring presentations.